Time for a new layout with the new Infinitas

So the Windows 3.1 was not working for you? Even though there was mixed reactions, I thought it was pretty cool. So I scraped a bit of time together and started work on a new layout. Ill be sticking with this one for a while, although I will most likely be tweaking it as time goes on.

If you are using internet-shitty, tough luck. I'm using a lot of css3 and html5 and as time goes on there will be even more so its time for you to upgrade :).

I figured now that there is quite a good update on Infinitas I would get a fresh install running and create the new theme. With that comes comments, so feel free to bash my code (and I'm sure the English teacher in you will come out). Would be quite cool to hear some feed back on some of the random things I come up with.

I will also soon add a gallery section, got some cool pic's of ancient builds about that I want to show.

As a side note, Everything that you see on my site is directly out the the box. I will not be doing anything extra or funny here so you can get an idea of what Infinitas can do. Ill also try and get a bunch of demo's up of different ways it can be set up. but for now the focus is really on getting the entire system working and stable.