A few updates to my blog

Super quick today, just activated the twitter plug-in so things will be a little bit more social :). The twitter auth is read only so I wont be doing any funny things to your account when you are not looking

I also added some new modules, down the bottom of every page is some links to other blogs I read. On the right is a box of "latest posts" for quick links to the new stuff.

I have also just finished up some tweaks to the cron job runner thing (needs a cool name) and the email socket for receiving emails without php's imap extension, so the newsletter plug-in can now automatically act upon bounced emails from campaigns.


Huge speed gains for Infinitas

I just pushed some changes to Infinitas that has made a huge difference in the page load times. As you have seen in some of my previous posts, Infinitas serves loads of asset files. On average one JavaScript file and one css file, along with all the images. This equates to around 40 or 50 requests per page.

A little while back I added the code for generating symlinks automatically and although…


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