Huge speed gains for Infinitas

I just pushed some changes to Infinitas that has made a huge difference in the page load times. As you have seen in some of my previous posts, Infinitas serves loads of asset files. On average one JavaScript file and one css file, along with all the images. This equates to around 40 or 50 requests per page.

A little while back I added the code for generating symlinks automatically and although that is much faster, 1 fast file will always be better than 20 fast files. So taking a bit of code from garbetjie and a bunch of mods things are getting fast.

Here is a before and after (or after and before) of what the page speed plug-in for Firefox has to say. Few more tweaks and it will be well into the 90's.

My Firefox is playing up (like always) so checking in Chrome, the page load times are less than 1 second. That is pretty damn good considering my vps is in the USA and I am in Europe.

Here is what the source looks like after the changes, doing just about everything google pagespeed promised. Just need to figure out the images now :)

bravo_kernelon 8/12/10

Good job on the asset compression, it sure makes Infinitas look even more pro. Keep up the good work !