Infinitas Cms

Infinitas is a content management framework built using the latest version of the CakePHP framework. The core of Infinitas provides a lot of the general functionality required to build web based applications such as user login and management, file uploads, api integration and SEO.

Infinitas depends on the CakePHP framework to function. It has purposly been built without the CakePHP framework in its repository to make sure that it never depends on a modified version.

The core of Infinitas was built using the MVC plugin architecture provided by the CakePHP framework, with a lot of customisations and extensions to enable plugins to be installed and managed from the backend. These modifications also allow developers to build plugins without knowing what other plugins are available, or with as little dependencies as possible.

The core of Infinitas does not provide much in the way of functionality to end users out the box. To get started quickly though, you can install aditional plugins such as the Blog, Cms, Faq, Shop and so on.

If you are looking to get started the Installer might be a good place, alternatively you can have a look at the core functionality or the additional plugins that are available.

The docs are broken down into sections such as developer, designer and end user. If you would like to find out more about how the docs are generated or how to build your own docs for you application have a look at the InfinitasDocs plugin.

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